Berat training

Ariee Design Studio was commissioned by Albania Rafting Group for a short 2-session training given to about 3 artisans of various techniques and 5 women working at home in the town of Berat.

The objective was to address the issues related to the emerging markets and help them improve their products accordingly, e.g. make them faster, with fewer costs and more attractive to foreign tourists visiting Berat.

At the end of the training the participants were given assignments to help them implement the concepts discussed during the training. Below are some examples of the work that has been completed:

Diversification of compositional subjects.
Proposed model for wood carver.
Creating cultural themed products that minimize 
time and cost. Stone carving by Xhoxhi Fani.
Giving more historical context to paintings.
Painting by Ermal Mbrakulli.
Adding more historical context to jewellery.
Proposed application with pyrography.