RED - Roots of the European Design

The main aim of the project is to reveal the relationship between the modern and the traditional art in the fields of applied arts and design.
The project wants to study the artistic tradition in European countries and to show how these ancient motives, symbols and techniques influence some contemporary artists. This project will demonstrate how a common heritage in Europe can participate in a better historical understanding and intercultural dialogue among European citizens.

The project saw its first workshop take place in Albania. The main lecturers were Ardi and Arjela Kule. A two day lecture was given by Hungarian guest speaker Marton Vass specialised in lace making techniques.

The topics covered in the workshop were:
Lace making tradition in Hungary
Understanding Albanian traditional art
Tradition as a life style
Product development for the handicrafts industry

The Albanian partner in the project is ArtKontakt. The project is organized with the support of the Program of European Union for Culture (2007-2013).