The Handicrafts Auction

The Handicrafts Auction was an event that was organized within the framework of the project "Economic strengthening of artisan women", funded by UN Women and implemented by the Gjirokastra Foundation.

The auctioned products were developed by Ariee and handcrafted by the three artisans in the cities of Tiranë, Shkodër and Pogradec. This was the first event of it's kind in the field of handicrafts. The success of the event opened up new opportunities for the foundation of a new tradition.

Traditional techniques such as weaving on a loom and hand embroidering were used to create the products.
The traditional motifs were adapted to match modern tastes and design aesthetics.



The products were weaved in an old handcrafted wooden loom and made of pure wool.




Embroidered tablecloth made of pure linen. Embroidery yarns are cotton.
The set includes one tablecloth 140x140cm, 4 napkins 40x40cm, 4 little white crochet angles and one crochet wine holder.


Modern furniture wrapped in textile made with rough wool, weaved in an handcrafted loom in the town of Shkodër. Because of their roughness, these textiles have little usage today.
The application of such textiles as decoration for modern furniture contributes directly to the preservation of the production techniques and to the economies of the families that produce them.