La Blanche / Lingerie

Timeless lingerie! Every woman has been always dreaming for it.
No trendy gags producing tiring effects. Colors, materials, shapes... all tested for timeless beauty.
Never boring to "justify" the search back for ‘safe’ classics.
Precise in every detail,  highest possible value for the money spent on it.
The hottest word for the coming season is CARING!  CARING for your SENSE of BEAUTY.
Big return of the French Lingerie Style, but nothing of  "Deja Vu"
The collection is divided in two themes: New Eve & Night Creatures
Lingerie target age: 20-40 yo.
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Theme: New Eve
This is a sort of detoxification lingerie: discards everything that is  meant only
for effects and starts all over again.
Lingerie as it should be: delightfully intimate and precious.
Delicate powdery colors with a hint of decadence. 
The architectural mood and vintage meet in a luxury revival of genuine
lingerie, triggering timeless sensual attraction.

Theme: Night Creature
The new black shadows  tell the stories of a myriad of fantasies and dreams that are 
individually related to every single woman's mystique of the night.
It adds on  to a world of delightful darkness seduction thriving endless visual surprises. 
The body is decorated  to communicate desire at its most.
The incomparable beauty of eroticism is elegantly revealed!

ariee - responsibilities in the project 

Product Developer: 
Building of the concept line of the collection. 
Market and trend researching. 
Creating the color palette and pattern guide. 
Sourcing of the materials and accessories for underwear home-wear and lingerie. 
Designing the collection. Flat sketching design and measures of references.  
Supervising of the prototype production and the fitting process.


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