Riccione Moda Italia

 In 2011 Arjela was selected among 1500 candidates to take part, with two of her dresses, in one of the most prestigious fashion events in Italy for fashion design students, the Riccione Moda Italia, in Riccione, Italy

The event featured the works of students from around the world in seven categories: women outfit, kids wear, furs, knitwear, underwear and beachwear, "authors touch" and accessories and footwear. Arjela's collection proposal was selected from judges of Max Mara Group as one of the five finalists on the category of "women outfit" to take part in the event.

Arjela's design were inspired by a wide variety of influences, both from western and eastern cultures.The dresses express her talent as a designer and her deep knowledge and understanding of textiles, pattern making, and prototyping. For this collection she used only natural echo-friendly fabrics and did all the cutting, hand sewing and embroideries herself.


Illustration no. one

On the Runway

On the Runway

Close Up / Hand Sculptured Button / Hand Embroidery

Illustration no. two

On the Runway

On the Runway

Close Up /  Hand Sculptured Accessory / Hand Embroidery

Close Up / Hand Made Shoes

Illustration no. three

Illustration no. four

Illustration no. five

Illustration no. six