La Blanche / Dynamic

Developed for La Blanche, this is a collection of more than 200 pieces of underwear and home wear, divided into two themes. Long creative hours were devoted to concept, design, sourcing of materials and accessories, supervision of prototype production, etc.

La Blanche Dynamic is a collection target from 15-25 yo.
Materials: cotton, devorè and polyamide.
Reach with stamps and fantasy of flowers.
Suitable for everyday life with a touch of the last fashion trends.
Intimates that should not be left just under the clothes.

Theme: New Basic
Inspiration from earlier hot beds of modernism: the twenties, fifties, sixties.
Between grandma’s leftovers and the casual lifestyle: denim, rugged work 
wear and romantic remnants of crafts and folklore.
Re-using and remaking of the traditional  leads to new classifications of lounge wear.
Shabby but chic!

Theme: Play Time
Fun & simplicity with lots of dynamism.
Dots, stripes and blocks are the icons of youthful pleasure regardless of age!
A spontaneous and free-spirited look at the world around us

ariee - responsibilities in the project:

Product Developer: 
Building of the concept line of the collection. 
Market and trend researching. 
Creating the color palette and pattern guide. 
Sourcing of the materials and accessories for underwear home-wear and lingerie. 
Designing the collection. Flat sketching design and measures of references.  
Supervising of the prototype production and the fitting process.


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Thank you!


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