From the Shepherd to the Artisan

 Hand made products for the home décor, inspired by the Albanian tradition and craftsmanship.

All the products are handmade in Albania by the Albanian artisans with natural materials only.

The Handicrafts Auction

The Handicrafts Auction was an event that was organized within the framework of the project "Economic strengthening of artisan women", funded by UN Women and implemented by the Gjirokastra Foundation.

The auctioned products were developed by Ariee and handcrafted by the three artisans in the cities of Tiranë, Shkodër and Pogradec. This was the first event of it's kind in the field of handicrafts. The success of the event opened up new opportunities for the foundation of a new tradition.

La Blanche / Lingerie

Timeless lingerie! Every woman has been always dreaming for it.
No trendy gags producing tiring effects. Colors, materials, shapes... all tested for timeless beauty.
Never boring to "justify" the search back for ‘safe’ classics.
Precise in every detail,  highest possible value for the money spent on it.
The hottest word for the coming season is CARING!  CARING for your SENSE of BEAUTY.
Big return of the French Lingerie Style, but nothing of  "Deja Vu"

La Blanche / Dynamic

Developed for La Blanche, this is a collection of more than 200 pieces of underwear and home wear, divided into two themes. Long creative hours were devoted to concept, design, sourcing of materials and accessories, supervision of prototype production, etc.

Spring/Summer 2014 by Ariee

Our Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is designed for the young career-oriented women.Inspired by retro styles from the 60’s, our garments have exceptional detail and patterns fit for the modern woman. Our Collection is comprised of 31 garments grouped in 6 themes, each one carefully designed and tailored to perfection.

Gjiro Art

Arjela was commissioned by (GCDO) Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization  to develop a collection of garments and accessories inspired by the city of Gjirokastër that would be hand produced by local artisans. The project was financed by the German Embassy in Tirana through (GIZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
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