Tech-Specs documentation for the State Police uniform

Ariee Design Studio, in cooperation with the Logistics Directorate of the State Police, has drafted the complete documentation of the Technical Specifications of the State Police uniform.

Pukë training

Ariee Design Studio was commissioned by CEED Albania to give a 3-sessions training to about 15 women from the town of Pukë.

Berat training

Ariee Design Studio was commissioned by Albania Rafting Group for a short 2-session training given to about 3 artisans of various techniques and 5 women working at home in the town of Berat.

RED - Roots of the European Design

The main aim of the project is to reveal the relationship between the modern and the traditional art in the fields of applied arts and design.

The Handicrafts Auction

The Handicrafts Auction was an event that was organized within the framework of the project "Economic strengthening of artisan women", funded by UN Women and implemented by the Gjirokastra Foundation.

The auctioned products were developed by Ariee and handcrafted by the three artisans in the cities of Tiranë, Shkodër and Pogradec. This was the first event of it's kind in the field of handicrafts. The success of the event opened up new opportunities for the foundation of a new tradition.